Seattle will rename a public school after an LGBTQ ‘hero’

Photo: Paul Mansfield Photography/Getty Images Rainbow flag at Brighton Pride event, East Sussex

It’s for the children.

As schools nationwide grapple with how to keep educating students amid a virus pandemic, Seattle Public Schools are stepping up to make their classrooms and hallways more gay.

As Pride Month wraps up, a resolution passed by the panel includes renaming a school after a “LGBTQ hero” and mixing up the genders in school bathrooms.

Seattle School Board Director Zachary DeWolf announced the following policy changes:

  • All school construction must include one multi-stall gender-neutral bathroom
  • An audit to identify space available for gender-neutral restroom conversion in all the system’s schools
  • All curricula (history, English language arts, etc) must explicitly incorporate LGBTQIA+ history, contributions, significant events and figures
  • One school will be identified to change its name to that of an LGBTQI+ local or national hero
  • Exploration and pilot of an LGBTQIA+ studies high school course

The board also stated that “the recent community debate focused on the exclusion of LGBTQIA+ teaching staff in a school in our region has invited the Board to reflect on our long-held beliefs and commitment to inclusion,” referring to how a high school forced two teachers to quit after they became engaged to same-sex partners earlier this year.

The decision to change the name of one school, which has not yet been specified, comes as liberals across the United States try to scrub anything they deem racist from institutions with which they are involved. This fad follows the death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis.

A petition has been started in Seattle to rename other schools in the district linked to historical racists, such as … George Washington Middle School.


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