Second Mom Speaks out Against Sex-Toy, Sex Ed Library Event

A second mom spoke to the Christian Post about being forcibly removed from a library during sexually themed events for students as young as 10. Todd Starnes interviewed the other. They described horrific sexualizing of children, distribution of sexual paraphernalia to children and encouraging sexual experimentation at younger ages. (Guide photo)

The Christian Post – A mother who was physically removed by police from a public library that was hosting a Teen Pride LGBT event says what she witnessed amounted to hours of child grooming [for sex.]

In an interview Monday, the mother [name withheld] . . . explained what happened after she and other concerned parents went to the Renton, Washington, event posing as supportive advocates so they could document what they saw.

Among the exhibitor items available were condoms and sex lubricants, she explained. . . . Bookmarks shaped like penises inscribed with a lewd message that employed book titles like Moby DickLord of the Flies and Fifty Shades of Grey as double entendres, were freely given away.

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