Second Terror-Training Camp Alleged, Linked to NYC Islamic Imam

An Alabama compound is the latest Islamic community enclave noted for military style training equipment and other signs of terrorist training, the second linked to an Imam's family. FBI Assistant Director for the Counter-terrorism Division Michael McGarrity said in congressional testimony that there are 850 open domestic terrorism investigations. (FPI photo)

World Israel News – A potential terrorist training camp linked to the son of a Brooklyn imam was discovered near Tuskegee, Alabama, authorities say. The FBI reported the camp contained a military-style obstacle course and the remains of a child.

The Alabama camp was owned by Siran Ibn Wahhaj, son of Brooklyn imam Siran Wahhaj. The elder Wahhaj was a non-indicted conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Siran Ibn Wahhaj allegedly ran a terror training compound in New Mexico, for which he has been indicted.

During an August 2018 raid on the New Mexico compound, authorities arrested Wahhaj, his two sisters, and several others, and discovered the remains of a child there also.

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