Senate confirms member of LGBT law group for liberal 9th Circuit

Patrick Bumatay – Photo: LinkedIn.

An openly homosexual judicial nominee selected by President Donald Trump, a Republican, was confirmed Tuesday to the influential Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, despite concerns over his ties to an LGBT legal group.

The United States Senate voted 53-40 to confirm assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Bumatay to the court, LifeSite news reports.

President Trump nominated Bumatay last year, citing his work with the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Tax Forces Section in the Southern District of California, and role as an adviser to former Attorney General Jeff Sessions on issues including drugs and organized crime.

Bumatay also worked on the confirmations for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito and Justice Neil Gorsuch, as well as Bush administration Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

Bumatay belongs to the Tom Homann LGBT Law Association, an organization dedicated to the “advancement of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues throughout California and the nation.”

The Homann Association has taken a number of left-wing positions, including voicing disappointment that the Supreme Court upheld Christian baker Jack Phillips’ right to refuse to make a cake for a same-sex “wedding,” and “unequivocally denounc[ing]” the Trump administration’s ban on transgender military duty.

Even though the group’s stances have been at odds with the GOP base as well as the Trump Administration, Senate Republicans have seemed unconcerned that Bumatay might share its views.

Trump’s court nominees have pleased conservative and pro-life groups, including the so-called #NeverTrump faction of center-right figures who have otherwise opposed the president. But not all of his nominees have been reliable conservatives.


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