Senator Escapes Consequence for Slandering Justice Kavanaugh

The movement to impeach U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein for her actions during the confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh are a reprise of several earlier such attempts as the Senate seldom acts against its own, thanks to the establishment sense of entitlement that prevails in the capitol district of our nation. (Public Advocate meme)

Dianne Feinstein, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!

You lied. You manipulated. You orchestrated slander against a noted judicial authority.

You are a liar, and you are of your father, the Devil. The Lord rebuke you.

I put this out in a column because it is not enough to just curse the darkness. This level of evil deserves a resolution of response.

What California Senator Feinstein did in slandering Justice Brett Kavanaugh following the due proceedings of the Senate confirmation hearings was epochal misuse of power and influence.

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I pivot from there, though, to pronounce to my brothers and sisters in Christ that I proclaim truth regardless of the use or benefit impact to this nation’s political situation.

You see, we must proclaim more our utter disgust against corrupt figures such as Diane Feinstein, and proclaim truth however powerful the empire of lies grows.

As the New Year draws near, I resolve to throw my name onto as many petitions against corruption, in as many comments – spread the word – however blocked, banned or otherwise censored my efforts may be.

Yeah, some good it does. Or another way to look at it:

Eugene Delgaudio of Public Advocate holds up petition samples as a way to leverage for a better impact against corruption in Washington D.C. (Public Advocate photo)

We can help a petition or two

To help the voice of a fellow patriot at whatever level, at least it does some good.

In the spirit of “Samizdat” we know that a word for the side of truth never goes forth fruitless, it always does some good.

What is Samizdat?

Samizdat takes us back to the era of the Iron Curtain, back into the shadows of Soviet oppression where just passing along a card with hand-written scrawl that tells the truth on it could land you in jail.

As futile as that might seem, little by little a little bit of truth leaked out and around communities; a word here, a brief comment there, a sign, a symbol, gestures like a secret handshake, maybe a tract or brochure now and then.

And officials tried to run down every possible leak.

Getting away with apparently wasted, minuscule communications of truth became known as Samizdat.

she absolutely made a mockery of the system. This is just sickening to me

The tables turned from small, mostly unseen efforts into a statement that no matter the tyranny – however heavy handed – they can never completely silence us.

So I support the petitions, and sign on. I also share them with you, regarding Senator Feinstein, who orchestrated the slander campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

One petition by Public Advocate of the United States President Eugene Delgaudio notes the why-fores in withering detail.

Delgaudio presented his petition by first noting the unprecedented level down into the gutter that our public discourse sank because of Feinstein’s slanderous initiative.

“Dianne Feinstein and her cronies are responsible for one of the darkest, most shameful chapters in America’s political history,” he said.

“She put a good man and his family through hell and then some, all in the name of political opportunism,” he added.

“Feinstein must be held accountable — and your U.S. Senators have the power to act.”

The impact of how low and despicable the actions of Diane Feinstein were did not escape those of us working at the offices of the Christian Action Network.

Our video editing director Michael Mawyer said, “She absolutely made a mockery of the system. This is just sickening to me.”

We compared notes with Delgaudio’s list, and it was quite overwhelming.

“Once you start doing things like this, then what do you have?” Mawyer asked. “All you got is just a bunch of talking heads, but no meaning.”

Delgaudio’s petition to expel Feinstein from her office in the Senate explains that mistreating the Kavanaugh confirmation process meant that she:

  • Withheld relevant, critical information during the Judiciary Committee vetting stage.
  • Refused to address the allegation (from Christine Ford) during private meeting stages.
  • Leaked or caused to be leaked the critical letter (from Ford) to the press later.
  • Made sure the slander took place after the Judiciary Committee review process.
  • Conspired with liberal, politically motivated lawyers to handle Ford.
  • Formulated a strategy to damage Kavenaugh’s reputation as much as possible.
  • Allowed hundreds of trained agitators into the Senate halls to disrupt procedures, and
  • Enabled direct contact situations with Senators in order to intimidate them into joining her position on the confirmation issue.

It is quite a list. There are other outrages from 2018, and many more planned for the New Year. I resolve not to be sorely bitter, cowering in the shadows. I’ll be loud. I will respond.

You are WELCOME!!! Hey, let’s do this more often . . .

I’ll be posting however suppressed. I’ll speak up however the tyrannies of social media’s corporate “community standards” of collusion with the liberal left may be.

***(I hope you’ll respond and share)***

We will prove EVERY DAY – we cannot be completely silenced.

{The Hon. Eugene Delgaudio was drafted in 1981 to run a small not-for-profit political action group, Public Advocate of the United States, Inc., active to this day.}

The petitions one more time:

***We all know liberal social media suppresses our voice. Fight back: Contact us. Follow on Facebook, (share-comment-react) & visit our store, a win-win every time you buy.***



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