‘Sex in the City’ star slams CVS for not letting people steal ‘basic items like clothing, detergent’

"Sex and the City" actress Cynthia Nixon

Proving that she thinks more like a celebrity and less like the sharp, driven lawyer she portrayed on Sex and the City, actor Cynthia Nixon has complained on social media that a major drug store isn’t just letting needy people shoplift its merchandise.

Nixon tweeted that she’s disappointed her local CVS has locked up basic personal products because people were stealing them, FOX News is reporting.

“The CVS on my corner has started locking up basic items like clothing detergent,” she wrote. ” … I can’t imagine thinking that the way to solve the problem of people stealing basic necessities out of desperation is to prosecute them.”

Responses on social media were predictably salty.

“Letting people just steal stuff doesn’t solve the problem either. Which laws do we choose to follow? Do you really think society will be better off if we let people just walk into a store and steal whatever they want?” one commenter wrote.

“I grew up poor, and we never took anything that we hadn’t paid for. It’s insulting that you think the less fortunate have no ability to discern right from wrong. Also, allowing widespread theft will result in higher prices, punishing the poor and honest,” replied another.

“You live in a neighborhood of $3 million-dollar apartments and townhouses,” said a commenter of the television celebrity. “No one at your CVS is ‘desperate’ to steal ‘basic necessities.’ This isn’t just moral grandstanding on your part, it’s really incompetent moral grandstanding.”

Nixon, 55, ran for New York governor in 2019 but lost the Democratic primary to two-term incumbent Andrew Cuomo.



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