Sexual Predators Target Kids at Library ‘Story Hour’ Events

A drag queen by the name Xochi Mochi is typical of men involved with reading pro-transsexual literature at Drag Queen Story Hour events, and also more in trend with more men revealing satanic symbology and open blasphemies as well. (Twitter photo)

The movement that deploys drag queen homosexuals to libraries for interaction time with local children continues unabated after years of activism.

More young minds are being polluted in full view of society. More and more future neighbors of our Christian children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated into an ideology that says sexual perversions are of no greater consequence than games and colorful costumes.

And they are learning that putting such perversions on full display as performances for entertainment is okay too.

That’s the world our Christian children and grandchildren are facing as the left tells us that to oppose such openly vile displays is intolerant and hateful.

We are being told that common decency and decorum in how we as human beings conduct ourselves is to include and be tolerant, then accepting and later celebratory of this sin-sickening perversion.

After a mild start to open the idea of diversity and culture along with freedom of “how children can dress up and act,” the seasoned, strategically developed acts are now clearly all about this leftist indoctrination.

God’s people have been witnessing against the plague of perverse sexual aggressors and sexual assault offenders who have been seeking to indoctrinate young children at libraries on a national scale through Drag Queen Story Hour. (Twitter photo)

The books that are read as a “story hour” activity started out as general children’s book fare, well-known children’s classics. Now, unless some libraries require classic selections as a condition for holding a reading event, the books are all about introducing kids to cross-dressers, homosexuals and queer characters as if normal and fun.

What the movement aims for is nothing but openly propagandist literature catered toward children, pushing for transgender and homosexual ideology. And this year, further ideas into the madness of these vile men included more pageantry in the direction of satanism and blasphemy as well.

Beast-like costuming demonstrating likenesses to demonic figures and idolatrous demigods of legends are cropping up, along with names such as “Annie Christ” to the obvious similitude to Antichrist.

It is as if demonic forces driving these men just can’t ease up on their passion to pervert and deceive, and to castigate our faith in particular when they can, in a setting where most of the symbolism is not noticed by the general public.

Well, I curse this darkness and pray it be bound in Jesus’ Name. But I want to do more than just curse the darkness.

How can we light a light?

They can come on out and protest against us

A crazy sounding idea that came to my mind is this: a movement to “redeem the times for the days are evil.”

Where ever there is a Drag Queen Story Hour event, local Christian ministries organized on a massive national scale should intervene with a gospel hour event. Maybe call it the Gospel Train Story Hour.

Catered and published for children, these events would take place at the very locations where the perverse display took place.

We insist on equal access. We demand that there be no such argument against us that is religious based regarding the lie that there is a separation of church and state issue. It is a matter of equal access, and of equal acceptance as well.

This is not a movement to make the presentation of gospel truth a punishment by any means, but it is a matter of direct involvement to first have no fellowship in the unfruitful works of darkness, and secondly to reprove them – in these cases, where the unfruitful works of darkness were put on public display.

God’s Word for creation, family, the laws of God and the plan of redemption should be presented where such darkness and evil was allowed to flourish. This way, we overcome evil with good.

And they can come on out and protest against us.

So, who out there is willing to put up, oh, I don’t know, a few-million dollars to get this thing started?


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