Sheriff Jones explains his comment, ‘If they shoot at police, expect us to shoot back’

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones gained national headlines when he said, “You shoot at the police, expect us to shoot back.” I interviewed Sherrif Jones about this statement and ask a few other questions about the dangerous political climate police officers are facing throughout the country. — Martin Mawyer, President, Christian Action Network

0:49: Tell us about the good police do that rarely get recognized.
2:38: Can social workers really replace the police?
4:46: Talk about police chiefs resigning in major cities.
11:06: Why was it necessary to warn criminals about shooting at the police?
13:05: Are police who use force being unfairly accused of wrongdoing?
16:57: Is the mainstream media promoting the cause to defund the police?
18:22: Are any of the publicized police shootings been actual police abuse?
19:18: Should the “Thin Blue Line” flag be banned in school sporting events?
21:17: How encouraging are pro-police rallies to law enforcement?
24:09: How long will you remain sheriff of Butler County?
25:10: Why is being Sheriff of Butler County rewarding?
27:59: A warning to armed criminals wearing a mask during COVID 19.


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