Shrill, Screaming Mockery of Women Defines Drag Queen Story Hour

The locally organized "Our Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" of Greenville, SC, says they want to "bridge the gap between the LGBTQIA+ and straight communities in the Upstate." They came dressed in Catholic nun uniforms as their depiction of drag in support for the Drag Queen Story Hour event at Five Forks library. (Greenville News photo)

A South Carolina grandmother is home recovering after her peaceful Sunday plans to take her little grandchildren to her local library were shattered by one of the most offensive demonstrations of human degradation she had ever seen – or heard.

Idell Koury said that she had to act, to make sure her grandchildren were safe first, and also to go on into a fray of shrill screaming and taunting, and see what was happening to her community in Simpsonville.

To Koury, her Five Forks Branch library, always before a quiet refuge for learning, exploring and growing, and times of gentle sharing with her youngest generation, became a circus of damnable burlesque at the hands of loudly mocking men.

What she encountered was nothing other than the February 17 run of the Drag Queen Story Hour, at which the Christian Action Network determined to be on hand with a team of reporters to record and expose.

Koury told the Christian Action Network that the sight of young men dressed as clownish women, many of them as if Catholic religious nuns, was a shameful mockery equal to racist men portraying African Americans in taunting blackface costuming.

Mocking depictions of women was the norm in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Sunday, as mostly homosexual men cross-dressed as drag queens in exaggerated costumes depicting women in clownish ways that one local grandmother found offensive to women. (Greenville News photo)

“I think that blackface is morally reprehensible. I think that this pinkface thing is morally reprehensible too,” she said.

“These men are dressing up as women, yes, and I am a woman, but I don’t have huge false eyelashes, caked-on makeup or exaggerated body parts. I think this is very offensive to women,” she added.

Koury could imagine that such circus-like performances could have an entertainment application to some, somewhere, but to bring that burlesque to a public library, her public library, was beyond the pale.

“But their pastel colors and flamboyant costuming is a mockery of women. That bothers me.”

This was an intentional event to bring these “drag queens” into contact with children, for reading children’s-genre pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books to them.

Learning this assured Koury that this event was exactly what she should have, and was glad she had, protected her grandchildren from. But it bore down as a burden on her also.

I am a grandmother, and today I could not in good conscience bring my grandchildren here

Talking with Koury, and many others we have yet to, but will, report on also, burdened us at the Christian Action Network also.

By the end of the ordeal, Koury was not just frail with some advanced years, but weary of the shrill taunting and boastful screams of the pro-homosexual drag queens and their liberal, leftist enablers also, who had descended on her town.

Members of our Christian Action Network reporting team too were weary, not knowing why so weary, until listening to the tapes of interviews and beginning the “rendering” process of many video captures.

The shrill screaming and pulsating taunts had been constant, even relentless, the whole time of the event, like some sort of demon-inspired whine from the deepest pits of satanic darkness.

The whole time.

It left team members with an eerie sense of deep evil in that moment. We’ll post more reports and video documentary on this extremely disturbing manifestation of the Drag Queen Story Hour movement.

A final word from Koury: “This is my library,” she lamented. “I am a grandmother, and today I could not in good conscience bring my grandchildren here – because of this charade. This is sad to me.”

Sad, and so unjust as these events continue on a national scale. Please pray for the people of Simpsonville, South Carolina, in the wake of this deeply dark, demonic attack on their community.


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