Skirt-wearing boy who ‘raped’ Loudoun County student please NO CONTEST to groping another girl’s breasts

Stone Bridge High School/ Facebook

Backstory here: Finally! The ‘Who, What, and Why’ of Scott Smith and His Daughter’s Rape

A teen who inadvertently exposed pro-transgender bias and corruption at a Virginia high school has pleaded no contest to sexually assaulting a girl in October, after an earlier sexual assault allegation was covered up by a district superintendent but nonetheless found its way into the public eye.

In May of 2021 the Loudoun County School District was rocked by allegations that a skirt-wearing boy raped a female classmate in a non-gender bathroom at Stone Bridge High School.

The incident was unknown until Scott Smith, the father of the victim, was dragged out of a school board meeting by police on June 22 after hearing school officials deny that a girl had been sexually assaulted in the bathroom.

We published an account of the affair here.

The alleged attacker was subsequently transferred to Broad Run High School, only to target another girl in the October incident. Details of that attack, in which the 15-year-old forced another girl into an empty classroom and touched her breasts, were revealed on Nov. 15 in Loudoun County juvenile court.

The female victim immediately told a classmate of the offensive touching, and the two then reported it to a school resource officer.

The boy was arrested the same day and charged as a juvenile with abduction and sexual battery. He pleaded no contest to both charges, but claimed not to have been as aggressive as the girl reported. He will be sentenced on both cases December 13.

After the Nov. 15 hearing, the boy’s mother told reporters: “He’s young, he has a lot of learning to do. … I hope he’s given the opportunity to do so and prove he can do better and be better.”

Speaking exclusively with, and asking not to be identified for the sake of her underage son, the mother defended his acts ast those of a heterosexual teen who, in the case of the May attack, had had consensual sex with the girl twice before.

The case has ensnared the school district, its officials and even the Virginia legislature, which under Democratic control passed a long list of new “policies” affecting transgender students, which many Virginia counties have subsequently rejected


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