Slavery Ring Busted in Britain, Largest in Modern Times

UK police arrested eight gang members and broke up a slavery ring run by a Polish mafia, calling it the largest slave labor operation they have seen in modern times. (Police photos)

The Guardian – The largest-ever modern slavery ring uncovered in the UK has been broken up after a three-year investigation into its activities. Some of its 400 victims worked for as little as 50p a day.

Their labour earned millions for members of a criminal gang led by a Polish criminal family, which preyed on the homeless, ex-prisoners and alcoholics from Poland. Gang members were jailed on Friday.

The gang tricked and then trafficked vulnerable men and women – ranging in age from 17 to over 60 – to Britain with the promise of gainful employment but instead housed them in squalor and used them as what a judge described as “commodities.”

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