Smackdown Saturday: Arrested again! For praying in her head.

Iron-fisted English law bans any form of protest or prayer

Another shocking arrest of pro-life hero Isabel Vaughan-Spruce

I’ve never met Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, but I admire her courage and conviction. She is a pro-life activist who has dedicated her life to helping women who are considering abortion. She does this by offering them practical and emotional support, and by praying for them – silently.

Yes, you read that right. She prays silently. In her head. Without uttering a word.

But apparently, that’s enough to get her arrested and charged by the English police. Twice.

Why? Because she had the audacity to pray within 100 meters of an abortion clinic in Birmingham, where a draconian law bans any form of protest or prayer.

This law, known as a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), was introduced in 2018 to stop so-called “harassment” and “intimidation” of women entering the clinic.

But Vaughan-Spruce is not a harasser or an intimidator. She is not a violent extremist or a religious fanatic. She is not even a vocal protester or a placard-waver.

She is simply a woman who believes that every life is precious and sacred, and who wants to share that belief with others – peacefully and respectfully.

She does not force her views on anyone. She does not shout or scream or abuse anyone. She does not block anyone’s access or invade anyone’s privacy.

She just stands quietly outside the clinic, sometimes holding rosary beads, sometimes holding leaflets, sometimes holding nothing at all.

And she prays silently.

Is this really such a crime?

Is this really such a threat?

Is this really such an offense?

Apparently so.

According to the police, Vaughan-Spruce has breached the PSPO four times by praying silently near the clinic. They arrested her first on Dec. 6 last year, after someone complained that she was praying. They arrested her again on March 6 this year after another stand-off.

They charged her with four counts of breaking the PSPO, which carries a maximum penalty of £1,000 fine.

She pleaded not guilty and went to trial on Feb. 10 this year. The court heard that there was no evidence that she had caused any harassment, alarm or distress to anyone by praying silently. The court also heard that she had been respectful and cooperative with the police at all times.

The magistrate agreed with her defense lawyer that she had done nothing wrong and acquitted her of all charges.

You would think that would be the end of it.

You would think that justice had been done.

You would think that common sense had prevailed.

But no.

The police were not satisfied with the verdict. They decided to arrest her again for doing exactly what she had been cleared of doing before.

They decided to waste more time and money on prosecuting someone who poses no harm or danger to anyone.

They decided to ignore the fact that Vaughan-Spruce has every right to express her opinion and belief in public – as long as she does so peacefully and lawfully.

They decided to trample on her freedom of speech and religion – two fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution and our human rights laws.

They decided to act like totalitarian thugs who want to silence anyone who dares to disagree with them.

This is outrageous.

This is shameful.

This is scandalous.

And it’s not just Vaughan-Spruce who is being targeted by these silent prayer police. There are many other pro-life activists across Britain who face similar harassment and persecution for expressing their views near abortion clinics.

Some have been fined, some have been banned, some have been threatened with arrest – all for doing nothing more than standing up for what they believe.

And it could get worse.

There is a bill currently being debated in the UK Parliament that could create “the first thought crime” in British history by banning any expression of opinion or belief about abortion within 150 meters of any place where abortions take place. That means you could be arrested for wearing a pro-life badge, holding a pro-life sign, handing out a pro-life leaflet – or even thinking pro-life thoughts!

This bill is being pushed by radical pro-abortion MPs who want to censor any dissenting voice from their extreme agenda.

They claim they are protecting women from harassment without the slightest care about the violent harassment of breathing, heart-beating babies.

The Culture War Comes to Florida Schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has taken a bold stand against the sexualization of children in public schools. He has exposed the presence of graphic and pornographic books in school libraries and classrooms, and called for their removal.

DeSantis’s office revealed photos of two books that were found in Florida schools: Gender Queer, a memoir of a nonbinary person’s sexual experiences, and It’s Perfectly Normal, a book that claims to teach children about puberty and sexuality.

The books contain explicit illustrations and descriptions of masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, transgender surgery, abortion, and other topics that are inappropriate for minors.

These books have been discovered in schools across several counties in Florida, despite a law that prohibits adults from giving pornography to children.

DeSantis said that parents have the right to know what their children are being exposed to, and that schools should not be used for indoctrination or propaganda.

Among the titles that have been removed or banned in some Florida schools are The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, The Stranger by Albert Camus, Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl, and a skateboarding magazine called Thrasher.

DeSantis also played a shocking video at his press conference containing sexually explicit content from some of the books he wants to remove. He challenged his critics to watch the video and ask themselves if they would want their children to see such images.

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Minnesota Dem ‘sick of white Christians … white saviors are the worst!’

I thought adopting a baby was a good thing.

But according to Minnesota Democrat Heather Keeler, if you’re a “white Christian” …

… it’s a form of “genocide.”

Yes, you read that right.

In a hate-filled, racist Facebook rant, the state representative posted the following:

“I’m sick of white Christians adopting our (native American) babies and rejoicing” because it “means the genocide continues.”

“White saviors are the worst!” she added.

Keeler is also a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. But that doesn’t explain or justify her racism and hatred of “white Christians” who adopt Native American babies.

Minnesota Republicans demanded her resignation and apology.

But all they got was a lame “I’m sorry” several days later for causing a “distraction.”

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Thousands of schools hide student gender transitions from parents

I can hardly believe this:

Students in eight of the nation’s 20 largest districts are being encouraged to change their names and pronouns …

… without parental permission.

In other words, to become transgender.

I repeat, without parental permission.

But get this: In all these large districts (including New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, among others), students need parental permission just to take a basic over-the-counter medication like Tylenol.

The study, conducted by Parents Defending Education, also found that nearly 6,000 public schools nationwide have policies that block parents from knowing if their child identifies as a transgender.

This is NOT normal.

And this is certainly NOT legal – because many parents are suing and winning to prevent schools from transitioning their children without their consent.

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