Smackdown Saturday: Woke pervert does the unthinkable

Al Vernacchio teaches at Friend’s Central School
Martin Mawyer takes top news stories weekly and gives them a painful Saturday Smackdown. So here are the Smackdown lashings for the week of 2.25.23.

Penis pics and ejaculation video approved in Pa. school district

Pop quiz: Were you ever freaked out by seeing your penis or vulva?

Bear with me as I explain this odd question.

Al Vernacchio is an English teacher at Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood, Pa.

In addition to making sure kids don’t get freaked out by studying nouns, verbs, and adjectives, he also makes sure children don’t get freaked at seeing real-life penises and vulvas, including their own.

Yes! Their own.

When he’s not teaching English, Vernacchio serves as the school’s Sexuality Education Coordinator, where he teaches “everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask” to youngsters from nursery age through 12th grade.

He admits to showing students close-ups pics of penises and vulvas. And because it’s rare little boys have seen a girl in the thrall of an orgasm, he shows them a video of a woman ejaculating.

Vernacchio defends his teaching methods this way:

“It’s really a process of desensitizing them to what real genitals look like, so they’ll be less freaked out by their own and, one day, their partner’s.”

Yeah, as if these tots have never seen their own genitals before, and somehow eyeballing a stranger’s genitals is less freaky.

And what does he mean by “real” genitals anyway? Are tots sneaking into their parent’s bedroom, finding their secret toy box, and thinking mature genitals look like rubbery silicone?

Hey, Mr. Vernacchio, when was the last time a child raised their hand in class to ask what age they should expect genitals to need batteries or a power cord?

Maybe instead of seeing what real genitals look like, these kids should see what real teachers look like, which hopefully looks nothing like Mr. Vernaccho.

But don’t expect Mr. Vernaccho to be fired anytime soon.

The school district says, “Al Vernacchio is a nationally renowned and highly respected educator.”

Respected by who, you might ask?

Well, none other than the “holier-than-thou” New York Times, which 12 years ago eulogized Vernacchio’s sex education methods in a glowing article titled “Teaching Good Sex.”

And that’s all that matters, you see. Not the opinion of parents. Certainly not what you or I think.

If The NY Times endorses Mr. Vernacchio, then the irrelevant blatherings of mothers, fathers, or even God Himself, have about as much worth to school officials as a used menstrual rag, which I’m sure Mr. Vernacchio is also eager to show students.

Here’s what school officials have to say about this ruckus. It’s worth reading in its entirety.

“It is disappointing that his work and our school are being miscast so thoroughly. Friend’s Central is committed to cultivating the intellectual, ethical and spiritual promise of our students, in a world that needs that more than ever.”

Who knew that “more than ever,” kids need photos of penises and vulvas shoved in their faces for their “spiritual promise.”

Mama Bears take a $100,000 bite out of school district

“I know that you give someone a blow job by putting your penis …” quoted parent Alison Hair as she began reading from a school book entitled Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at a Georgia school board meeting.

Hair tried to read some of the passages that she and her fellow moms, who call themselves “The Mama Bears,” felt were too explicit for school children – but she was shut up and banned from attending ANY school board meeting in the future.

But Hair did what any good Mama Bear would do when kicked around like that. She fought back by filing a lawsuit against the district.

A judge recently ruled that the Mama Bears’ First Amendment rights were violated and that Hair and her fellow bears have the right to attend public school board meetings whenever they want. The judge also ordered the district to pay $100,000 in legal fees to the Mama Bears.

(Read more here ) and (Click here to view objectionable excerpts from the book)

Left loses its head over bans on gay pride flags

There’s a whole lot of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth among the LGBTQ+ lobby nationwide as more and more towns and school districts ban the “gay pride” rainbow flag.

Similar gay pride flag bans have been OK’d in Delaware, Ohio, and Cold Spring, NY., as well as school districts in Utah and Wisconsin. A similar ban is also proposed in Florida.

Why are heads on the Left exploding over this trend? Would they be OK if Christian flags were flown over schools and municipalities? How about the Confederate flag?

We already know the answers.

And why, we must ask, did schools and municipalities ever agree to fly these flags in the first place?

(Read more here)

Massachusetts Dem wants defective children aborted to save costs 

Why can’t abortions be more accessible? And why can’t we get rid of crisis pregnancy centers that help women have babies …

… babies with defects that could become a financial drain on the city?

That was the lament of Michael Hugo, a Massachusetts Democrat, at a recent Framingham city council meeting where he pushed for more access to abortions to help prevent disabled babies from being born and costing the city money.

Crisis pregnancy centers – which help women keep their babies or offer them up for adoption – are also on Hugo’s kill list.

The centers, he argued in a weird, made-up scenario, could misdiagnose fetal defects “while proclaiming that it is a beautiful child living inside the mother and handing her an ultrasound photo that nobody can figure out without training, some diapers and a couple of ‘onesies’ for her new baby.”

How dare these centers hand moms-to-be an ultrasound photo of their babies with a few diapers and onesies!! Don’t they know the babies could be secretly deformed? A future drain on society?

Hugo apologized, but community members said the apology was not accepted. They are calling for his termination – no abortion pun intended.

(Read more here)


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