Son of Hamas Founder Warns Terrorist Group’s Goal is to Create a Global Islamic State

Image: Midjourney

In a recent series of interviews with prominent American media outlets, Mosab Hassan Yousef, infamously known as the ‘Green Prince’, has issued dire warnings concerning Hamas and its global ambitions.

Yousef, who is the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, served as an undercover agent for Israel from 1997 to 2007, actively providing intelligence that helped thwart numerous terrorist attacks.

Speaking candidly to Jake Tapper on CNN, Yousef made it clear that Hamas is not solely motivated by territorial ambitions in Palestine. He asserted that their goals are deeply rooted in religious beliefs, emphasizing that the group does not recognize political borders.

“They want to establish an Islamic state on the rubble of the state of Israel. Their end goal is the establishment of a global Islamic State,” Yousef warned.

The ‘Green Prince’ went on to share that the motivations behind Hamas are not just political. “If Hamas was a political movement, we could satisfy their political ambition,” he explained.

However, he cautioned that the group’s religious stance means that they aim to “annihilate the Jewish people, and the Jewish state, and to kill anybody who supports Israel.”

Yousef further claimed that Hamas incites conflict with Israel periodically as a strategy to secure funds, stating that the group sheds “children’s blood” whenever they require financial assistance.

Speaking on the recent conflict, he expressed sorrow for the Israeli soldiers, pointing out the dangers they face in Gaza due to the numerous booby traps set by Hamas.

In a subsequent interview on Fox News, Yousef drew a comparison between Hamas and ISIS, suggesting that the former might be even more dangerous.

“They want to annihilate the Jewish people simply because they are Jewish,” he remarked. He went on to criticize the media for not highlighting the religious aspect of Hamas’s motivations, citing fears of igniting a religious war.

Yousef also called for decisive action against Hamas, advocating for not only removing its stronghold in Gaza but also targeting its leadership across the globe. “They need to deal with the head of the snake in Doha, Beirut – wherever they are,” he declared.

Last week, in a significant operation, 60 Hamas leaders, including Yousef’s father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, were detained in the West Bank. The world continues to watch as the situation unfolds and the implications of Yousef’s warnings are assessed.


  1. This is not new. It has been known and understood for a long time. Now we hear the word of Islamophobia. Rather than objecting to this as religious discrimination we should realize what it really means. Phobia means fear or being afraid of something future. Now realize what Islam means. It is not a religion as such It is more of a political direction and is NOT like an advertised religion of peace. Realizing that, more of us in our nation should realize the value in becoming afraid of what such terrorism can represent. Examine what Hamas has done. It has hatefully murdered now thousands of Christians, or Jews, or non-participating Muslims themselves. We must become MORE of Islamophobic.
    It is amazing that in spite of the goals to eliminate Christian and Jews, many former Muslims are accepting who Jesus Christ really is. One view is that the growth areas in the overall Christian faith is of former Muslims. Thank God for that.


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