Staples Cancels Man’s Mailbox Over Attempts to Stop Sexually Explicit Books in Public Schools

Bob Salera, founder of the political action group Stop Bucks Extremism (SBE) in Bucks County, reported that Staples deactivated his iPostal1 online mailbox service after the group dispatched mailings that spotlighted explicit reading material in local school libraries.

Salera informed FOX Business that the two mailings sent out to registered voters inside sealed envelopes bearing an “explicit content” disclaimer showcased graphic images from books he alleges are being promoted by Democrats in local educational institutions.

Staples alleges that Salera violated a user agreement relating to the offensive treatment of its employees.

An email from Staples’ president’s office, which Salera described as unexpected, notified him of the mailbox termination. The communication stated that Salera had not reciprocated their efforts despite “all reasonable steps” to cater to his customer needs.

Salera, perplexed by the decision, stated he had no direct encounters with the Staples employees. “They clarified that it was a mailing using the mailbox return address that was offensive to their customers,” said Salera.

It is believed that the contentious mailings, sent in September and October, prompted Bucks County Republicans to vote against Democrat school board candidates who endorse including explicit books in school libraries.

The materials incorporated illustrations from “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” which portrays oral sex, and from “This Book Is Gay,” which explains various methods for male intimacy.

The American Library Association noted that “Gender Queer: A Memoir” was the most challenged book in 2022 for the second consecutive year due to its LGBTQIA+ and sexually explicit content.

“The images were taken from an iPhone picture of the books that Democrats want in schools,” Salera explained. Unlike the school distribution, he emphasized that their materials were securely sealed with clear content warnings.

Despite his explanations, Salera was informed by Staples that the mailers upset “many people.”

His plea to Staples to review their decision, especially considering the proximity to Election Day, was declined. Subsequent communications from Salera went unanswered, with Staples refraining from commenting on the ban’s reversal.

In his closing statement to FOX Business, Salera said, “It’s just kind of jarring to be banned from an office supply store because of my protected political speech.”


  1. The answer here is really quite simple. Staples has proposed what I think any reasonable person would conclude is a concern they may legitimately experience. Staples needs to provide documentation demonstrating the consistent attempts that they say they have mades to resolve and remedy their concerns with this client. If they are lying and no documentation can be produced, they need to restore this account or I for one will shop where unlawful discrimination is not enshrined encouraging friends, family members and contemporaries to do so as well.


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