Starting Jan. 15, D.C. will require proof of vaccine to enter dozens of venues, from restaurants to bowling alleys

Just like in Soviet Moscow or East Berlin, people in the Washington, D.C. – the capital city of the United States – will soon need to be able to “show their papers” when required to.

It’s made possible by the national theatrics surrounding COVID, the now-universal excuse to suspend basic American rights.

Starting Jan. 15, visitors 12 and older to D.C. restaurants, clubs, bars, various indoor entertainment facilities, gyms, yoga studios, indoor event and meeting facilities, convention centers and shared work facilities will have to verify that they have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, reports The National Law Review.

The one that doesn’t even prevent you from getting sick.

On the same day all those establishments will be required to “display prominently, visible to patrons prior to entry, a notice informing patrons that proof of vaccination is required to enter any indoor portion of a covered location.”

The “show your papers” requirement does not apply to individuals entering a covered establishment “for a quick and limited purpose” (e.g., placing an order for takeout, picking up an order or making a delivery), or anyone claiming a medical condition or religious objection. Those two exemptions will require documentation, however, and must provide proof of a negative COVID test within the last 24 hours to gain entry.

Interestingly, the order exempts houses of worship; grocery stores; farmer’s markets; establishments providing charity food services; pharmacies; medical offices; urgent care centers or hospitals; big-box stores; private meeting spaces in residences or office buildings; and certain government and human services facilities, including polling places during elections.


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