State Imposes LGBTQ, Drag, on Schools, Scolds Parents

Calling the events "Gender Neutral Makeup Tutorial" The Drag Queen Story Hour organization is one of the groups getting in public schools to teach the essential process of accepting and becoming a drag queen - in California, the curriculum mandates such activities for what they call a well-rounded education. (Facebook photo)

Christian Headlines – Concerned parents opposed to California’s new sex-ed curriculum and the use of drag queens in school functions were labeled “liars” and “fear-mongers” during a jam-packed school board meeting in Santa Ana last week.

“All these people were asking for was a say, a chance to be involved, to be heard and to be active participants in the education of their children,” wrote Townhall’s Kira Davis, who attended the meeting. Instead, they received “contempt and disrespect,” she wrote.

At issue is California’s new sex-ed curriculum, which covers gay, lesbian and transgender issues. The parents packed the main room and the overflow room. Most were Hispanic.

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