Stone Hardens Against Political Process Targeting Him

Roger Stone is a life-long trench-fighter for Republican and conservative causes, his latest efforts included helping Donald trump's 2016 campaign. (Roger Stone submitted photo)

Roger Stone sent word this week that he would assert his 5th-Amendment rights against self-incrimination instead of cooperating with what he described as a Democrat-led inquisition against President Donald Trump.

Although the probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is dead-on-arrival as predicted, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Congress is taking up the inquisition mantel, according to Stone.

“A short while ago, Congressman Jerry Nadler, the Democrat Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, demanded that I turn over potentially thousands of documents pertaining to the 2016 presidential election and that I testify before his committee,” Stone said.

“I directed my attorneys to inform Chairman Nadler that I have no intention of cooperating with his committee and that I will assert my 5th-Amendment rights,” he added.

“I will refuse to turn over a single document or testify for what I view is a fishing expedition to undermine and remove President Donald Trump.”

In prior published reports, Nadler accused Trump of obstructing justice. Stone said that Nadler is seeking proof of this accused crime, and that exposes a politically motivated cause that Stone added ultimately is all about leveraging the process toward impeachment proceedings.

“Nadler may seek to hold me in contempt of Congress over my refusal to cooperate with his partisan inquiry,” Stone said. “But my mind is made up and my position is firm that I will not bear false witness against President Trump.”

With the help of God, I will be vindicated

Roger Stone

Stone said that he is innocent of any wrongdoing regarding the 2016 presidential election, and that he would bear a strong sense of cause when he appears on court for a trial organization hearing on November 5.

“I am innocent and I intend to prove it in my trial,” Stone said. “I am very proud of my role in helping convince Donald Trump to run for President and of my 40-year friendship with him. There are no circumstances under which I will turn on the President.”

Stone asserts that standing with Trump has put his properties and even his own home in jeopardy of total loss, and insurance companies refuse to continue of offer coverage plans, leaving him in dire straights.

“The New York Times and the rest of the FAKE NEWS media attack my integrity on a daily basis,” Stone said. “With the help of God, I will be vindicated.”

According to Stone, the viciousness of the media attacks against him are virulent because of his long-standing advocacy for conservative Republican values, because his activism dates back to the era of Richard Nixon and continued in the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

He said that convincing Donald Trump to run is just a latest stab to the Democrat Party leftists, as Stone is a life-long rival to the establishment left and they do not forget those who are effective in working against the Democrat Party agenda.


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