Student leaders demand Critical Race Theory be required to graduate from University of Oregon

University of

Never in recent history has the “race card” been played like it is being played today, and now student “leaders” at one big university are pushing to require racist indoctrination of all students as a condition of graduating.

The indoctrination is called Critical Race Theory (CRT), a phony academic discipline that casts all U.S. history and institutions as the effort by people with white skin to oppress everyone else. The goal of Critical Race Theory therefore is in effect to establish racial bias against anyone born with white skin who refuses to apologize for it, and use that as a means to tear down U.S. institutions in favor of Marxism.

According to KEZI ABC News 9, the University of Oregon is where student government is pushing to make this racism a requirement of graduation, making their request at a Board of Trustees meeting on Dec. 1.

“My goal is to, with the undergraduate provost’s office in the winter quarter, to kind of establish the curriculum,” said president Isaiah Boyd of the Associated Students of University of Oregon. “As well as our ethnic studies department, our black studies department and seeing if we can coordinate with them and open up that discussion of how can we build a system sustainable for years to come.”

Not surprisingly, it was the 2020 elections that kicked off discussions about mandating CRT for all students, said Boyd, who also said he hopes the school will require CRT for graduation by the 2022-2023 school year.

The university’s Office of the Provost, which is apparently subordinate to students, said: “The University of Oregon is committed to the core belief that diversity of background, thought, and perspective is an absolute necessity for building academic excellence. To that end, we continuously seek opportunities to expand scholarship of racial injustice and to raise awareness of and address systemic racism and inequities on campus.”

The provost’s office said they have made efforts to address what they call issues of race and inequality, including requiring every UO student to take at least one course on it.

The subject is apparently absent from history, philosophy, political science, literature and other traditional courses, and some people are stating the obvious: that CRT is already deeply woven into the current curriculum in public colleges by leftist academics thriving on taxpayers’ dollars.

“When I first saw that, I honestly thought it was some kind of joke,” said chairman of the Oregon Federation of College Republicans Ben Ehrlich. “Do they not teach that stuff already?”


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