Study finds GENDER-QUEERS and those claiming to have NO SEX are at greater risk of mental health issues

LGBT activists rally in support of transgender people in New York City

Nearly 80 percent of college students who choose to be gender-queer, transgender or deny having any gender at all face greater risk of mental disorders, a study finds.

The gender-fluid, gender-consused community are four times more likely to suffer mental disorders than their peers, with more than a third reporting they have seriously thought about suicide.

The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, was led by a team at Boston University, which recommended the students be regularly screened and provided more gender-affirming services on campus.

60 percent of the gender minority students screened were found to be positive for depression, while more than one-third reported serious thoughts about committing suicide.

Nearly 80 percent of college students who identified as transgender, gender nonconforming, gender-queer and non-binary reported feeling depressed, anxious or having an eating disorder. 

Among more than 65,000 participants from 71 campuses across four semesters whose responses were included in the new analysis, about 1,200 students identified as gender minorities.


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