Support for Black Lives Matter plummets 12 points since June

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In seemingly inverse proportion to its spread across the nation and the intensity of media coverage, “Black Lives Matter” has lost measurable public support, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center.

The poll found that support for the “movement,” which has monopolized media coverage in an election year with sometimes violent, destructive protests, has dropped by 12 percentage points since June.

Fifty-five percent of U.S. adults said they support the racial justice movement in a September survey, compared with 67 percent back in June who said the same.

Among black Americans, support has remained steady at roughly 87 percent.

White Americans’ support for the movement went from 60 percent in June to 45 percent in September. Among Hispanic Americans, support fell from 77 percent to 66 percent. Asian Americans’ support fell from 75 percent to 69 percent.

The drop was more pronounced by political party. Republican support for Black Lives Matter dropped from 37 percent to 16 percent. Among Democrats, however, the drop was from 92 percent to 88 percent.

The Black Lives Matter movement rocketed to the forefront of national debate in late May after the death in police custody of an unruly black suspect in Minneapolis. Since then, the often-destructive protests have been ongoing in U.S. cities and have drawn virtually uninterrupted news coverage.

The decrease in support for the Black Lives Matter movement comes after protests intensified following the police shooting of another black man in Kenosha, Wis., who was in fact violating a restraining order and refusing to cooperate with police.

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