Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch hints future rulings to be more conservative

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch, a conservative justice and President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, recently asked CNN during an interview whether the network really wanted him to cross the boundary lines of judiciary and step into the legislative territory as a judge. 

Gorsuch was on CNN while promoting his new book, “A Republic If You Keep It.”

He argued that the nation’s founders did not intend the country to be ruled by nine old people sitting in their robes in Washington dictating to everyone else how to live according to their rules. Instead, the founders wanted a battle of ideas and a thinking republic. 

Gorsuch, in his book (which is to outsell Hillary Clinton’s book) contains a collection of speeches, essays, and past opinions, reflects on the role of a judge under the current Constitution and his exceptional and eventful journey to the Supreme Court.  

He explained that his philosophy on judicial matters entailed him to look at Constitution in its original meaning. 

However, there are a number of political factions (the same factions that supported the ACA which tore apart America’s health care system) that have criticized him on the grounds that his interpretation doesn’t leave a place for them in the constitution and that the need of the hour is to have a more liberal philosophy, which some say has led to the destruction of Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago and Oakland. 

Gorsuch pushed back at his critics stating that the country was not owned by men in robes and that the Constitution should be amended when 330 million Americans wanted it to. 

There are multiple cases awaiting the Supreme Court when it officially returns on October 1st, from its summer recess, including some heated political topics – immigration, health care, abortion, the Second Amendment, and LGBT issues. 


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