SWAT Raids Home of Media Group President Amid University Controversies

Photo: Adam Guillette/Accuracy in Media

An armed SWAT team descended on the residence of Adam Guillette, president of Accuracy in Media, early Friday morning. The group recently drew attention for unveiling billboards on trucks, targeting Ivy League institutions ensnared in disputes over alleged pro-Palestinian sentiments.

Guillette was informed of the home search, which occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. during his absence. He was attending a wedding in Texas alongside his wife at the time. A malicious call to the authorities claimed Guillette was threatening his wife at gunpoint.

Surveillance footage revealed officers equipped with rifles knocking on Guillette’s residence.

 Gaining entrance through a digital security lock after no response, officers announced their presence while proceeding inside. Video clips depicted officers checking various areas, including the backyard and a coat closet.

Guillette later confirmed that six SWAT members had been dispatched.

Speaking to the NY Post, Guillette said, “I’ve been getting threatening phone calls, emails, social media messages nonstop since our antisemitism accountability project began,” adding that he “takes serious precaution to ensure the safety” of him and his wife.

The origin of the hoax call remains uncertain, but Guillette’s legal team is investigating the matter.

This incident emerged in the wake of Accuracy in Media’s recent initiatives. Trucks adorned with billboards showcased antisemitic comments made by individuals from Harvard, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

The campaign began on October 11th with a truck displaying a large video screen at Harvard University.

The screen highlighted students accused of blaming Israel solely for violent attacks by Hamas. The campaign grew more contentious, with trucks appearing outside students’ homes, resulting in some confrontations.

By Wednesday, similar trucks appeared at Columbia University. One such truck sustained minor damage after an individual hurled a bike lock at it, and another had been vandalized by spray paint.

In addition, another truck was spotted near the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), criticizing the institution and its president, Elizabeth Magill, for allegedly promoting an environment of “hatred, racism, and antisemitism.”

Guillette has stated he has received numerous threats since the commencement of this campaign but remains resolute, emphasizing the importance of their mission. The doxxing trucks continued their rounds at both Columbia and UPenn as of Friday.


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