Swedish government investing $175,000 in Drag Queen Story Hours

Photo: Drag Queen Story Hour Instagram

Reading to children used to be one of the most wholesome, valuable activities imaginable, where grown-ups could engage the hearts and minds of the young with stories while building attention spans, a love of books, learning and imagination at the same time.

Maybe that’s why homosexuals and cross-dressers have so vehemently tried to make story time into gay-indoctrination time, to the point of getting government funding involved.

The Swedish government is the latest to jump on the wreck-their-innocence bandwagon, having just approved a major grant to fund drag shows for children.

The Swedish Inheritance Fund, a fund of money from people who die without leaving wills or family to inherit their assets, recently approved a grant of 1.7 million Swedish Krona (around $175,000) to the MUMS Cultural Association for the purpose of organizing shows with the group Among Dragons and Drag Queens in Stockholm.

“The project, together with children, young people, and adults with disabilities, will develop current creative fairy tales into feature shows,” says the fund’s website, in announcing the grant.

“Together with the target group and several organizations, the established business Among Dragons and Drag Queens will create new fairy tales that reflect the target group. In addition to authoring new stories, the project will develop an accessible story hour model based on the needs and wishes of the target group in order for the experience to be as good and accessible as possible.”

The money will also support drag workshops and assist children in putting together their own drag shows.

U.S. conservatives are already condemning the grant. Breitbart News published a story on the project and said that there is a “potential for sex offenders to take part in the activities” to associate the event with pedophilia.

This has already become a problem at U.S. events that strive to normalize cross-dressing and transgenderism.

The website Big League Politics said that the workshops will be “exposing children to transgenderism” and that the shows have generally “run into fierce opposition for their immorality upon becoming widely known.”


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