Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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In Florida case, ‘equality’ means special privileges for transgenders

Non-transgender students are not allowed to enter any bathroom they choose. A lawyer in Florida is arguing that a transgender student should be given...

Police called on trans man using woman’s restroom

A transgender woman -- also known as a man, to those who do not work in the mainstream media -- says he was...

Ga. superintendent says death threats led to transgender bathroom reversal

A Georgia school superintendent claims he was forced to repeal his decision after he received multiple death threats. The decision was to allow transgender...

Georgia school district to allow transgenders to use preferred bathroom

School District in North Georgia has divided the community over a recent decision to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice....

VA school board will appeal federal judge ruling favoring transgender student

MetroWeekly. The Gloucester County School Board has appealed a federal judge’s decision finding that its restroom policy discriminates against transgender students.

Transgender Ideology’s Titanic Trend Strikes Research, Victim Testimonial Iceberg

They're still shuffling the broken remnants on deck and the band is still playing, but the titanic trend for Transgender Ideology is taking on...