Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Judge says states now free to remove Americans’ Constitutional rights

In denying a request by three southern California churches to continue holding in-person services during the coronavirus pandemic, a judge has declared...

Calif. sheriff says churchgoers still have rights, as long as he...

In what might be the most memorable quote of the coronavirus outbreak, a California sheriff who broke up a lawless Easter service...

3 California churches sue Gov. Newsom over church shutdowns

When churches in California actually start suing over losing their Constitutional rights, you know things are getting tense in the United States.

Actor Ben Stein sues California governor over stay-at-home orders

California is getting major pushback on its efforts to restrict social freedoms and access to firearms in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

LA residents stock up on guns, fearing riots and looting

If California is any indicator, the coronavirus just might start to rival the Obama presidency as the best marketing campaign in history for firearms.

Calif. bill would impose homosexual values via department stores

The cultural and governmental assault on people who believe in two separate, distinct genders continues. The latest push comes in California, unsurprisingly, and targets...

Trump administration demands change to Calif. abortion policy

Should people who do not want to kill unborn children be forced to, to stay in business in the United States?

Man charged with murder after allegedly forcing girlfriend’s miscarriage

A frightening incident in California in which a woman was allegedly forced to end her own pregnancy at gunpoint has raised even more questions...