Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Homeowners receive letters saying their Christmas light displays are ‘harmful’

Imagine getting angry and offended – to the point of writing an anonymous scolding letter – about Christmas lights.

Hallmark Channel unveils its LGBTQ Christmas movie

The Hallmark Channel wants to make men having sex with each other into another one of those heartwarming holiday traditions.

Hallmark promises gay Christmas films are comin’ to town

Entertainment and greeting-card giant Hallmark bellieves that your Christmas needs to include homosexuality, and will be purveying it in upcoming holiday movies,...

Brazil’s top court sides with Netflix on film portraying Jesus as...

Brazil's Supreme Court has sided with Netflix – and against some two million signers of a petition – to allow the streaming/broadcast of...

US Post Office sued for prohibiting religious-themed Christian stamp

Since when does the U.S. government actively prohibit people from expressing their long-held faith? It is actually becoming troublingly common.

Muslim-majority Indonesia braces for Christmas terrorism against Christians

It's beginning to look a lot like ... jihad. If not everywhere you go, then at least in Indonesia,...

Netflix Christmas film depicting Jesus as gay offends millions of Christians

DailyMail. A Netflix Christmas special that depicts Jesus as a gay man has has offended more than one million Christians. The...

Taxpayers help fund ‘calamitous’ Kennedy Center drag queen Christmas show

The J.F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, funded by taxpayer money to the tune of nearly 41.3 million, will strive to ruin...