Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Army Caves to the First Amendment, Christian Troop is Allowed

A National Guard facility in Pennsylvania that had been refusing to allow a Biblically Christian Trail Life USA scouting troop to tour their facility has seen...

Seniors Get Apology for Flap Over Telling the Christmas Story

The Christian Post - A Michigan-based health center has reportedly given a verbal apology to two senior citizens who were stopped from...

Nursing Home Story Hour Censored, Cancelled over Christmas Theme

The Christian Post - A conservative law firm accused a Michigan-based health center of censoring two senior citizens who attempted to explain...

To SCOTUS, Atheists Appear Short on Reason v. Veterans’ Memorial Cross

Christian Headlines - The U.S. Supreme Court seemed poised during oral arguments Wednesday to let a 93-year-old war memorial cross stand, although...

Supreme Court is Last Hope for Saving Peace Cross

It’s official. The Bladensburg Cross veterans’ memorial and its advocates will have a day in court before the Justices of the United States; one...



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