Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Actor Ben Stein sues California governor over stay-at-home orders

California is getting major pushback on its efforts to restrict social freedoms and access to firearms in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

CAIR Sting Operation Against Gun Range Backfires, Case Dismissed

WND News - A federal court judge dismissed a discrimination complaint by Raja’ee Fatihah against Chad and Nicole Neal, owners of Save Yourself Survival and...

Washington Gun-Rights Infringement Law is an Affront to Republic

Q13 Fox News - The town of Republic may declare itself a sanctuary city from a newly passed gun measure. Republic is in northeastern...

MAGA Hat Prompts Roommates to Search Room, Request Eviction

The Daily Mail - A Harvard student was advised to move out of her Massachusetts accommodation after her roommates complained they felt uncomfortable with...

As House Liberals Plan Attacks on Gun Rights, Senate Forms Resistance

Daily Mail - Democrats could make the biggest changes to gun legislation the United States has seen in 25 years when the new term...