Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Hallmark promises gay Christmas films are comin’ to town

Entertainment and greeting-card giant Hallmark bellieves that your Christmas needs to include homosexuality, and will be purveying it in upcoming holiday movies,...

Hallmark channel wants to make more Christmas movies with LGBT characters

Despite a relentless media push to normalize homosexuality, it seems like big romance-entertainment companies like Hallmark and Lifetime won't be supplying holiday fare about...

Family gets hate mail after flying Trump flag

It appears that some opponents of President Trump and his supporters could use training in the tolerance and “inclusiveness” that they so often preach.

Girl scouts issue stern warning about girls hugging family members

Not shy about getting right into your living room with parenting instructions, Girl Scouts officials are spreading the holiday cheer by reminding parents, in...

Wisconsin Assembly votes to recognize National Bible Week

Republicans who lead the Wisconsin Assembly affirmed the state’s religious heritage this week, voting Tuesday to call the state Capitol’s Christmas tree a “Christmas tree”...

Wisconsin governor rejects ‘Christmas tree” in favor of ‘holiday tree’

Despite the fact that the word "holiday" literally comes from "holy day," the Democratic governor of Wisconsin has made a point of calling the...