Friday, September 20, 2019
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Dearbornistan Pharmacist, Halal Restaurateur, Out on 10-K Bond

Creeping Sharia - A Dearborn pharmacist, hailed earlier this year for opening the nation’s first halal-certified Sonic Drive-In restaurant, cheated Medicare and Medicaid by charging for...

Christian Populations in the Middle East are Being Exterminated

The Daily Mail - Christians in the Middle East are facing "imminent extinction," the Archbishop of Canterbury warned today. Justin Welby said followers of...

Christians Hunted, Dragged Out and Beaten in Pakistan Over Bibi Case

Christian Post - Christians have been dragged out of their cars and beaten, and said they are "haunted" with fear of Islamic radicals as...

Amazon, However Unfriendly Towards Christian Charities, “Smiles” on Islamic Extremism

Newsweek - Amazon has enabled customers to donate to a hard-line Islamist charity whose founder supports child marriage, female genital mutilation and believes men should be...



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