Friday, March 22, 2019
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Arrest Made in Case of Liberal Political Violence Assault at Berkeley

Fox News - University of California-Berkeley officials on Friday arrested a suspect who allegedly assaulted a conservative activist on campus last month.

UNC Official Orders CSA Memorial Base, Panels, Taken By Night

The Daily Mail - Hours after the last remnants of a Confederate statue were removed overnight from North Carolina's flagship public university, the state...

Pro-Family, Anti-LGBTQ, Chick-fil-A Surges Against the Hate

Chick-fil-A draws near a new success milestone that the political left hates, but conservative pro-family supporters love. This year, they're on track to pass...

Teacher’s Test is ‘Volte-Face’ From Professional Standards of Fairness

Fox News - A high school student spoke out Thursday on "Fox & Friends" about a politically-charged question given on his English class's vocabulary...