Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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NJ pastor demands board hearing over controversial LGBTQ curriculum

A longtime township church pastor in New Jersey is citing a 1923 Supreme Court decision in calling for open public discussion of...

N.J. will implement new LGBTQ curriculum in 12 schools

New Jersey's schoolchildren have now been officially entrusted to homosexual and transgender activists, as the state implements its new, mandatory LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in 12...

N.J. governor giving millions to Planned Parenthood after Trump’s pro-life ruling

Take warning, New Jersey residents, your leftist governor and lawmakers are dumping millions or your dollars into the faltering Planned Parenthood.

Antifa threatens to burn down theater. Event is then canceled.

A South N.J. theater has canceled a debate on “violence” after Antifa threatened to burn the building down. The radical-leftist group claimed...

Law forcing doctors to participate in assisted suicide temporarily blocked

A New Jersey judge has temporarily blocked a law that would allow physician assisted suicide on terminally ill patients.  The law was scheduled...

New Jersey Goes ‘Gender-Neutral’ For Birth Certificates

The Daily Mail - Parents in New Jersey will be able to register their child as gender-neutral starting Feb. 1. A new law gives...