Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Christian Iranian is Told His Bible is Too Violent For England

The Times - The Home Office refused asylum to an Iranian who converted from Islam to Christianity because, it said, Christianity was...

Islamic Massacre Kills 85+ Christians in Nigeria (Global Press Silent)

This Day News - No fewer than 85 people died in attacks on three communities in Kaduna State by gunmen suspected to...

Girls are More Harmed by LGBTQ Bathroom, Changing Room Policies

Early indications are pouring in: the so-called “transgender” bathroom policies at public schools are causing a lot of problems, especially among young school girls.

Islamic Rulers Deploy Violence, Riots v. Christians in South Ethiopia

Morning Star News - Christians in a southern Ethiopia town were stunned when local Muslims attacked 10 church buildings Feb. 9, destroying...

Apple Censors Ministry App Following LGBT Petition for Censorship

NBC - Apple removed from its online store a religious app accused of falsely portraying being gay as an addiction, sickness and sin after...

Christian Populations in the Middle East are Being Exterminated

The Daily Mail - Christians in the Middle East are facing "imminent extinction," the Archbishop of Canterbury warned today. Justin Welby said followers of...