Saturday, August 24, 2019
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AOC, Media Attendance Comments Countered by Crowd Photo

Neon Nettle - Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said President Donald Trump wasted money on the “poorly attended” Independence Day parade. But with most...

Trump Still Wants Citizenship Question on Required Census Form

CBS News - The Justice Department signaled a federal judge in Maryland Friday they're still fighting to place the citizenship question on...

Former President Jimmy Carter Pronounces Trump Election Illegitimate

Western Journal - Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter suggested Friday that President Donald Trump was not elected legitimately in 2016.

Pelosi to Senior Dems: Hope is for Trump Convictions, Prison

Fox News - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats on Tuesday that she ultimately wants to see President Trump in prison, according to a report.

Democrats Plot Attack of Trump’s Sanity at Psycho Confab

The Washington Examiner - Democrats plan hosting a Capitol Hill event featuring psychiatrists who will warn that President Trump is unfit for...

Trump Promotes LGBTQ Pride Month and Global Pro-Gay Efforts

NBC News - President Donald Trump on Friday recognized LGBTQ Pride, saying, "We celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions...

Big Tech Takes Beating Under Looming Antitrust/Bias Probes

Reuters News - Alphabet Inc’s shares closed 6-percent down Monday following reports that the U.S. Justice Department may investigate Google for hampering...

Trump, Republicans Rail Against Democrat Antisemitism

Fox News - President Trump joined the chorus of criticism Monday against freshman Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her recent remarks about the Holocaust.