Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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California Asks Ministers to Abandon, Betray Christ, the Word of God

The Christian Post - Individuals who once are speaking out against a resolution in the California Assembly that calls on pastors...

Obedient Christians Profess Truth to Al-Noor Mosque, New Zealand

The Daily Mail - A group of Pentecostal Christians rallied outside the mosque which was the main site of the Christchurch terror...

Syrian Town is Ground-Zero to Spreading Christianity, Gospel

Reuters News - A community of Syrians converted to Christianity from Islam is growing in Kobani, a town besieged by ISIS for...

Truth is, They are Hunting Children, These Homosexual Predators

It's the truth sign. I don't know what state it's from, or when it was displayed, but does it matter?...

Gospel Laborers Few Where Drag Queen Story Hour Sexualizes Children

A homosexual man in drag (flamboyantly in women’s clothes) danced, read stories and interacted with children ages three to six at a public library...



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