Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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NJ Public School’s Promotion of Islam, Ramadan, Nets Legal Action

A West New York public school in New Jersey actively promoted belief in Islam and the religious practice of Ramadan with classroom...

Islamic Indoctrination Case Appeal Presented to SCOTUS

The Christian Post - A former high school student’s parents last week took their lawsuit against a Maryland school district over allegedly...

Girls are More Harmed by LGBTQ Bathroom, Changing Room Policies

Early indications are pouring in: the so-called “transgender” bathroom policies at public schools are causing a lot of problems, especially among young school girls.

Public School Teacher Initiates Sexual Fling With Her 13-y.o. Student

AZ Central - An alleged illicit sexual relationship between a Goodyear teacher and her 13-year-old student started with a message on a school app....