Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Portland rioters attack downtown church, small businesses

Portland, Ore. remains largely out of control, with a protest spinning into destructiveness on Nov. 4 and people smashing windows of small...

Black Lives Matter protesters torch Baptist church

Violent protesters supposedly furious about racism burned down a Baptist church in Philadelphia ... that was a valuable resource for Vietnamese immigrants.

Associated Press advises suppressing the truth about riots

The Associated Press, once the gold standard worldwide for journalistic guidelines, now wants to redefine "rioting" as something not so bad.

U.S. attorney general urges that violent protesters be charged with sedition

Violent, destructive, building-seizing protesters could soon face charges of sedition, according to an internal memo of the Justice Department.

Judge reduces $1M bail for Lancaster BLM rioters

After a judge set extremely high bail for people arrested during a Black Lives Matter riot that broke out in Lancaster, Pa....

Lancaster protesters held on whopping $1 million bail after alleged riots

People trying to turn every police use-of-force incident into the flashpoint of violent revolution are starting to encounter some resistance.

Chicago gangs form pact to shoot cops ‘on sight’

For anyone who wonders what big-liberal-city life will be like after police departments are defunded, and who will be maintaining order, Chicago...

Rioters could be stripped of unemployment benefits and pay for police...

A bill introduced by Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) would put rioters on the hook for the cost of federal policing and would...