Monday, October 3, 2022
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Constitutional Attorney Warns Parents to Pay Attention

Constitutional and international law attorney Johnny Davis urged parents to pay attention to what happens in the public schools of their children or grandchildren. Because...

World Hijab Day Being Hosted in Schools Despite Being Illegal

World Hijab Day events in public schools constitute endorsements of Islamic religious practice by government, schools must cease and desist, according to a legal...

Public Schools Slated to Enact Conversion to ‘Hijabi’ Religion

Nazma Khan’s World Hijab Day website proclaims a religious cause, but it’s okay for it to be practiced in public schools for cultural and...

Father Learns School Daughter had to Write Out Islamic Creed

Pastor Rich Penkoski tells Christian Action Network of his outrage when he learned his 7th-grade daughter brought home a work assignment to write out...



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