Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Churches Targeted for Conversion to Homosexuality, Transgenderism

Homosexualism (the radical left movement to promote homosexuality as good and Biblical Christianity as evil) is on a crusade to radically transform the Holy...

City Ordinance: Austin Churches Must Hire Homosexual, Transexual Pastors

After Houston rejected similar measures three years ago, churches in Austin may be forced to hire homosexual and transgender pastors and ministers due to...

A Plea for Religious Exemption Hangs in the Balance

By David Carroll Christian Action Network Chairman of the Board   The secular war against Christianity continues apace. The City of Austin has adopted a nondiscrimination ordinance...

Transgender Ideology’s Titanic Trend Strikes Research, Victim Testimonial Iceberg

They're still shuffling the broken remnants on deck and the band is still playing, but the titanic trend for Transgender Ideology is taking on...



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