Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Medically necessary’ transgender surgery now covered by Wisconsin Medicaid

Taxpayers will now be on the hook in Wisconsin for other people’s “medically necessary” gender-changing surgery, after a federal judge found that categorically denying...

Family gets hate mail after flying Trump flag

It appears that some opponents of President Trump and his supporters could use training in the tolerance and “inclusiveness” that they so often preach.

Wisconsin Assembly votes to recognize National Bible Week

Republicans who lead the Wisconsin Assembly affirmed the state’s religious heritage this week, voting Tuesday to call the state Capitol’s Christmas tree a “Christmas tree”...

Wisconsin governor rejects ‘Christmas tree” in favor of ‘holiday tree’

Despite the fact that the word "holiday" literally comes from "holy day," the Democratic governor of Wisconsin has made a point of calling the...

Attorney General ignores lawsuit. Says chaplain program will continue

Wisconsin State Journal. Wisconsin Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul has no plans to end the department’s chaplain program created under his Republican...