Target’s ‘No-Police’ Policy Sparks Outrage

(Image by DALL-E)

Outrage is the only appropriate response to the recent revelation that Target, a giant in the retail world, has barred police officers from apprehending suspects within their stores in Sacramento County.

This policy, made public by Sheriff Jim Cooper, is nothing short of corporate cowardice and hypocrisy at its finest. Imagine a company pleading for police assistance yet tying the hands of those very officers when it comes to taking action against crime.

In California alone, retail theft losses totaled over $50 billion in 2022.

In a Facebook post earlier this November, Sheriff Cooper scolded the retail giant, saying, “We don’t tell big retail how to do their jobs, they shouldn’t tell us how to do ours. If they want to be a victim, then they can be a victim.”

Target’s pro-crime policy can only be understood as a clear-cut case of fear – fear of social media backlash, fear of negative press.

One might be inclined to hold a bit of sympathetic understanding for them. A single incident can trigger a public relations disaster reminiscent of the George Floyd episode. Yet, it’s a sad commentary on our times when a national chain is more worried about potential bad press than the safety and security of its customers and staff.

But let’s not mince words here: Target’s reluctance to cooperate with law enforcement is not just about fear. It directly results from their early and eager adoption of ‘woke’ ideologies.

From endorsing the divisive rhetoric of Black Lives Matter to pushing LGBTQ and gender extremism, Target has shown a pattern of prioritizing progressive social agendas over practicality and common sense.

This policy is not merely a reflection of one corporation’s skewed priorities; it mirrors a broader, more distressing trend in our society, especially in liberal strongholds like California.

While consumers rightly blame the Biden administration for the high costs of home goods, retail theft is also a significant contributor. Stolen merchandise must be replaced, and this expense is passed on to consumers.

People might exclaim, “Target just got rob by a smash-and-grab mob!” But in reality, it was the consumer who just got robbed. Target (and other retail stores) will make us pay for those criminal acts.

Retail crime isn’t just a petty inconvenience; it’s a serious issue that endangers ordinary people, inflicts economic damage, and tears at the fabric of our communities.

Yet, in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland, authorities seem to be playing for the other team. Policies like the no-cash bail reform are tantamount to giving criminals a free pass, emboldening them, and demoralizing the police.

Consider Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón and his ilk, the proud champions of the lawless and the relentless enemies of the law-abiding.

Their stance has sent a clear message: aggressive law enforcement will be met with severe repercussions. It’s a perilous path that discourages police from doing their job and undermines the rule of law.

Even in areas like San Francisco, where there’s been a change in prosecutorial leadership, the story remains the same. The policies in place continue to favor the criminal, not the victim.

New York City mirrors this sad state of affairs, with predictable and catastrophic results.

The reality is stark – goods are locked away, shelves are stripped bare by thieves, often with no response or a painfully slow one from law enforcement.

Sheriff Cooper’s condemnation of Target’s hypocrisy is spot on. The retailer wants the benefits of law enforcement without the enforcement itself.

As we grapple with this absurdity, let’s not lose sight of those truly responsible – the elected officials. Their hard-left, pro-crime policies are the root cause of the chaos we now witness. They are the ones who have cultivated an environment where absurdities like Target’s policy not only exist but are deemed necessary for survival.”


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