Teachers urged to stop saying ‘moms and dads’

Taking to Twitter, Associate Professor Sirry Alang penned: 'The # of times the teacher has said "your mom and dad" to my kid's class is infuriating'

When you speak to a child, it’s now wrong to refer to his “mom and dad,” even though every single child on Earth has one of each.

But some children don’t have both living with them, and so all people must change the way they speak. It’s a classic example of left-leaning “experts” on social media bullying their way to the cultural change they feel qualified to force on others. The left thrives on guilt, shame, and using both to warp society to their own way of thinking.

Author Glennon Doyle, whose Instagram page is decorated with photos of recently deceased leftist superhero supereme Court Jusice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and various leftist causes, recently decreed that online teachers who refer to a child’s “mom and dad” are harming children who don’t have both, or either, according to Parents.com

Regardless of the fact that moms and dads are the prevailing, overwhelming majority of caretakers of kids.

The post that Doyle shared on her Instagram profile is a screen grab from a conversation on Twitter. The original Tweet was from Sirry Aland, Ph.D, who said, “Teachers, your class convos are broadcasted in everyone’s homes.” The tweet went on to say how Aland found a teacher’s use of *mom and dad* “infuriating.”

And when you’re infuriated, it’s time to tweet out to the world how it should behave.

Doyle went on to suggest that families keep their language “inclusive,” so that no child ever feels left out. Her idea was “Please consider saying ‘your grownups.’ I used that when I was teaching and it helped. Adults’ language can determine children’s belonging.”

The bottom line is, because not every child has a “mom and a dad,” that we must stop referring to these important roles as if they are important.

What long-term effect is that going to have on a child?


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