Terrorist Mom Sought to Lead the Slaughter of Many

Prosecutors claim Waheba Issa Dais advised pro-ISIS followers to attack in ways "that would devastate and kill more than one person," and she attempted to provide services, personnel, expert advice and assistance by promoting the ISIS agenda, recruitment and a virtual library of instructions on making bombs, biological weapons, poisons and suicide vests. (Fox News photo)

The Daily Mail – A Wisconsin mother of seven pleaded guilty to planing ISIS terror attacks. Waheba Issa Dais, 45, agreed to guilt on one count of providing material to support a terrorist group, in exchange for another charge being dropped.

The Israeli native who called herself a housewife on her visa application to the US plotted attacks such as poisoning a reservoir with Ricin.

Authorities arrested her last year for trying to use social media to recruit terrorists. She hacked other people’s accounts and also operated her own. Prosecutors said she tried to explain to them how to use explosives and poisons.

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