Texas Governor Has Bused Over 50,000 Migrants to Democrat Cities

While initially embracing the newcomers, liberal cities like NYC and Chicago have found themselves grappling with a humanitarian crisis. (Image Midjourney)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has dispatched 51,840 migrants to Democratic bastions across the nation, a strategy aimed at compelling liberal cities to bear the weight of what he perceives as lax border policies.

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Since April 2022, New York City has become the primary recipient of these relocations, welcoming 18,500 asylum seekers, while Chicago, Washington D.C., Denver, and Philadelphia have also seen significant influxes.

Abbott, a staunch Republican, has been unyielding in his approach, vowing to persist in sending migrant buses northward.

He asserts that Texas “is going to continue to use every tool that we can to secure the border the best that we can.”

The governor has attributed the crisis not to his policies but to President Joe Biden, stating during a Manhattan Institute event, “The lead importer of migrants to New York is not Texas, it’s Joe Biden.”

Initiated in response to the struggles of small border towns in Texas, Abbott’s busing program aims to underscore the necessity for Democrat-led cities, which project themselves as migrant-friendly, to share in managing the unprecedented numbers of migrants and asylum seekers crossing the southern border.

The situation has escalated to such an extent that the Biden administration has resumed construction of Trump’s border wall and initiated deportations of migrants to Venezuela. Other states like Arizona and Florida have also adopted migrant relocation strategies, further straining resources in northern cities.

While initially embracing the newcomers, liberal cities like NYC and Chicago have found themselves grappling with the logistical and humanitarian aspects of the sudden population surge.

Landmarks and police stations have been repurposed into shelters, and NYC Mayor Eric Adams has even journeyed to Latin America to communicate that the city is “at capacity,” combating “propaganda” that promised migrants hotel accommodations upon arrival.

NYC is currently wrestling with a unique legal agreement that mandates it to offer emergency housing to anyone who requests it, even as the city’s shelter system is stretched thin by the influx.

Iconic locations, such as The Roosevelt Hotel, have been transformed into shelters, and approximately 20,000 new children have enrolled in the city’s public schools. Adams estimates the crisis will extract a $12 billion toll on NYC over three years.

In Chicago, migrants, ranging from infants to the elderly, have found temporary residence in a shuttle bus center at O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 1, with some staying for weeks before being relocated to police stations or the scant shelters available.

The city, which has allocated $328 million in aid, plans to introduce winterized tents in the coming weeks, a strategy already employed by New York.

This week, Chicago officials retracted plans to convert a park’s football pitch fieldhouse into a migrant shelter following vehement protests from locals who contended the facility was a vital safe space for the city’s youth.

Meanwhile, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, who declared his state the ‘Most Welcoming State in the Nation’ just two years ago, has implored President Biden to redirect migrants away from his state.


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