Texas jury rules against dad trying to protect son, 7, from gender change

Jeffrey Younger and his son James. (@DianaDrinksPink/Twitter)

In a chilling development for children’s mental health and those who would prevent psychological abuse of children, a Texas jury ruled Monday against a father trying to stop his seven-year-old son from being “transitioned” to resembling a female by the boy’s mother, the father’s ex-wife.

In an 11-1 vote the the jury decided not to grant Jeffrey Younger Sole Managing Conservatorship over his twin boys, LifeSiteNews reported.

According to LifeSiteNews, the boys’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, has been given authority to have puberty blockers administered, which can cause chemical castration, and potentially to move on to hormone treatments.

According to The Texan, Georgulas’ lawyers say the mother does not plan on giving James Younger hormone blockers at this time. However, “no one has stated that she (Georgulas) would not be open to using them when James begins puberty,” which is likely around age 11 and a half for a male, the report said.

The jury’s decision would also force Mr. Younger to “affirm” his son’s new gender identity: that of a “girl” named “Luna.”

Younger has said that his ex-wife dresses their son in female clothing and applies false eyelashes, hair glitter and makeup.

As reported by The Daily Wire in November, court documents show that James Younger dresses as a girl only when he’s with his mother, who calls the boy by his trans name and has enrolled him in school under the name “Luna.” the boy’s father claims James consistently chooses to wear boy’s clothes and emphatically refuses female clothing and cosmetics whenever he is around him. Georgulas has accused Younger of child abuse in the course of their divorce proceedings, “for not affirming James as transgender.” She is looking to deny Jeffrey Younger’s parental rights, reported The Federalist. Georgulas is also seeking to force Younger to pay for James’ transgender-oriented therapy and medical alterations, which may include “chemical castration” in two years, when the child is eight.

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