Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issues warning to Antifa: ‘Stay out of Texas’

Antifa Flag

Shortly after police captured the alleged shooter in El Paso, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick went on national television and called out a left-wing group known for often violent protests against racism and warned them to stay out of Texas even though claims they are organizing a rally have been debunked.

On Fox News, Patrick was asked about what he knew about the alleged gunman who had just been captured a short time earlier.

Patrick said he couldn’t give much detail but then shifted to talking about Antifa, a group that has been criticized for stoking violent clashes against others they have identified as fascist or racist.

“I just saw the last couple of days where Antifa is posting they want to come to El Paso for a 10-day siege,” Patrick said. “Clear message Antifa: Stay out of El Paso. Stay out of Texas, basically.”


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