The Monumental Mistake of Snowflake Vandals?

The City of Dunn where the Lee statue stands is situated in the greater Raleigh-Durham area, where a lot of heated debate over statues of Civil-War era figures is fresh on the minds of many, including those who vehemently argue for removing Confederate memorials as part of a movement to erase Confederate history altogether. (Virginian-Pilot photo)

Police say they need help finding vandals who put an accelerant torch to a statue of General Lee in Dunn, North Carolina.

Investigators and museum officials where the statue stands are calling the vandalism a tragic act of additional idiocy due to the fact that the General Lee monument isn’t of the same man as has been the target of other such attacks in the Raleigh-Durham area.

The General Lee of the Dunn museum is William C. Lee, famed as the founding father of the U.S. Army airborne paratroops. This Lee is a World War II Major General who helped plan the D-Day invasion of Europe in June 1944.

The bottom line: these re-writers of history, wanting society to forget a foremost figure of the nation’s most tragic of wars, appear to have defaced the World-War-II-era statue of the Army Major General by mistake.

Or, note the sarcasm: perhaps detectives will discover the vandals are dedicated NAZIs butt-hurt over this Lee’s leading role in taking down their beloved Third Reich. (Probably not)

Is this the face of a Civil War General? And the tribute plaque mentions “airborne” armies of the 1940’s at its base. The defacement of the General Lee statue is expected to cost thousands of dollars to repair and clean. (WNCN photo)

Maybe they’re Neo-NAZIs incensed that members of the 101st Airborne jumped from their planes for the D-Day attack screaming “Bill! Lee!!!” in honor of that man. (Probably not)

Perhaps we’ll learn they are liberal-educated snowflakes who hate the thought of a square-jawed warrior man’s role in developing such an effective method of warfare. (Hmmmmm)

Suspicion runs high that it is one further example of collateral damage from a social, cultural crusade that is being led by a crew of zombie-cockroach leftists, the typical, low-information type.

Fashionistas by day, by night they can’t tell the difference between the bearded, elderly antebellum-suited Confederate General Lee and the clean-cut, crisply-suited, U.S.-Army uniform-code, modern General Lee.

Judging our historical ills by day, by night they can’t bother to do any research at all, not even of the memorial’s plaque dedicated to further achievements of Lee and U.S. Army paratroopers, the airborne – as in airplanes.

As in technology that did not exist during the Civil War? Should we even bother?

Then comes along some jerk punks to burn the statue . . .

These are the accumulating reasons we should indeed want to find these vandals, and we should all help if we possibly can.

Officials say the crew poured accelerant over the statue and placed a container to the statue’s left side on the pedestal at about 2200, translated: 10 p.m., on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14.

“The U.S. Army Airborne soldier is highly respected world wide,” a museum statement read, “Then comes along some jerk punks to burn the statue of WWII Major General William C. Lee, the Father of the United States Airborne Army.”

Cleanup processes are underway, and investigators indicate there is surveillance video to help with their quest for finding the culprits.


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