The New Masters of America? Examining the Unstoppable Rise of the LGBT Movement

The New Masters of America

From Marginalized to Mainstream: The Rising Power of the Radical Rainbow Mafia

We’ve all heard about the LGBT community’s struggle for rights and recognition. But have you stopped to notice the shifting tides?

The downtrodden and oppressed minority aren’t in the shadows anymore. In fact, they’re seizing every bastion of American society, and it’s a takeover you cannot ignore, no matter how tightly you shut your eyes.

Numerous instances from the past could underscore this trend, but the recent flurry of LGBT developments should suffice to illustrate the point.

Let’s start with our education system, the training ground of our future leaders, where the nation’s most prominent teachers’ union, the National Education Association, recommends a summer reading list infused with pornographic books endorsing gender fluidity.

Remember Gender Queer, with graphic depictions of oral sex and masturbation? That’s on the NEA summer list.

In the Old Dominion state of Virginia, fourth-grade kids were filmed reading from the “ABC Pride” book at Johnson Elementary School.

The book’s author, Louie Stowell, who identifies as a “cis queer woman over 40,” (whatever that means), made this provocative statement on Twitter, “Even if kids’ books COULD make you gay, so what? That’s only a problem if you’re homophobic.”

But it doesn’t stop there.

Over at Wells Road Intermediate School in Granby, Connecticut, children from third to fifth grade were shown a video promoting gender fluidity. A character called Simon declares, “All my life I never really felt like a boy, and I don’t really feel like a girl, so I’d rather be both.”

Children are left with the misconception that picking a gender is as easy as choosing vanilla or chocolate (or both) at an ice cream shop.

These, of course, are not isolated incidents but indicative of a broader scheme.

For instance, a Wyoming school district, operating covertly, allowed a teenage girl to identify as a boy without her parent’s knowledge, leading to a lawsuit.

These incidents are an audacious affront to parental rights and family values. But the Radical Rainbow Mafia doesn’t care. As Biden eloquently said in June, they’re not your children anyway.

Playgrounds of the LGBT: Medical Fields, Pop Culture, and Sports

Consider this: once a vanguard of health advisories, the CDC now councils trans individuals on chestfeeding. That’s right, chestfeeding.

I mean, come on. In what universe is this a public health crisis that demands the attention of the Centers for Disease Control? Next, the Department of Agriculture will offer advice on the best fertilizer for growing rainbow flags.

Johns Hopkins University, known for its cutting-edge research, got caught up in ‘gay-speak’ when it essentially erased women in its new inclusive language guide.

Hopkins absurdly suggested a lesbian should be called a “non-man attracted to non-men.” Who talks like that? They withdrew this laughable medical mandate faster than a magician making a rabbit disappear.

Let’s move to pop culture.

‘We Baby Bears,’ a Cartoon Network show, recently introduced non-binary characters who use they/them pronouns. Meanwhile, Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger performed a dance routine with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney during the Tony Awards.

As most know, Mulvaney rose to international fame after receiving a promotional gift from Anheuser Busch with his picture plastered across a Bud Light can after having previously met with Joe Biden in October 2022.

And let’s not forget about Pride parades. Read how Yahoo describes such a parade that took place in Seattle this past June:

“Seattle Pride’s parade over the weekend sparked backlash over the inclusion of a fleet of nude male cyclists, whose genitalia was on full display to attendees, including families with children.”

Not to be outdone, in West Hollywood, CA, two men at a “family friendly” Pride parade performed a public sex act in front of children.

Perhaps most shocking is the audacity at the highest levels of governance.

In an unprecedented move, a transgender model bared her breasts on the White House South Lawn. It’s one thing to celebrate diversity, but is this the dignity we expect from our seat of government?

Our sports aren’t spared either.

Trans cyclist Austin Killips took home the gold in a North Carolina women’s race, finishing a staggering FIVE MINUTES ahead of his closest female competitor.

Are we still pretending these competitions are fair and equal? Who’s being oppressed now?

In June, the Los Angeles Dodgers gave its coveted Community Hero Award to the blasphemous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The so-called “Sisters” are a group of radical homosexuals who dress up in clownish nun outfits to mock Christianity and the Catholic Church.

Ironically, the Dodgers lived up to their name, dodging true American heroes to applaud those who ridicule faith, expecting roaring approval from their fans. (It didn’t happen. The stadium was virtually empty.)

Further up north in San Francisco, officers from the Sheriff’s Department, guardians of peace, were caught saluting the LGBT flag.

And it doesn’t stop there.

War Rooms of the LGBT: Government Agencies and the Military

In our nation’s capital, the star-spangled banner was unceremoniously supplanted by the Rainbow Flag.

The Biden administration placed the gay Pride flag smack dab in the middle of two American flags at the South Portico of the White House, suggesting that the LGBT movement has now become the heart of American ideals, culture, laws, justice, industry, and its soul.

When law enforcement salutes your flag, it’s about a community seizing dominance.

Should we still be talking about homosexuals being a victimized minority?

No, this is clear evidence of a community that is not just being accepted or integrated but one that is ascending to a dominating position in our society. Wake up, America!

In the world of tech, we see another casualty.

A software engineer was ousted from his job at Bitwarden, not for inefficiency or wrongdoing, but for having the audacity to use “Assigned by God” as his preferred pronoun.

There’s a crude metaphor commonly used to describe such humiliation, “They bent him over and…” no need to finish. How ironic that this metaphor finds its roots in the gay community.

The military, a bedrock of national defense, is also being swept up in this current.

This past Pride month, the U.S. Air Force decided it was high time to post a picture of a soldier saluting the LGBT community. Yes, you read that correctly.

Everywhere you turn, the rising influence of the LGBT community is becoming increasingly unavoidable. And it’s not just a gentle tap on the shoulder. It’s a full-on slap to the face.

Smack or not, our faces should turn red when we see the American flag positioned as nothing more than a benchwarmer to the Rainbow Flag at the White House and the U.S. Airforce depicting a soldier saluting the gay rights movement.

Remember, in the military, a salute isn’t a polite gesture. It’s an acknowledgment of a higher authority. It makes you wonder how we went from forbidding gays in the military until 2011 to saluting them in just a dozen years.

The Army Special Operations Command, in a move inconsistent with its mission, posted an intersex-inclusive ‘Progress Pride’ flag on social media while the U.S. Army Special Operations Command posted a meme telling its soldiers to “Live With Pride.”

How do these knee-buckling actions toward the gay community contribute to our national security?

Cash Cows of the LGBT: Corporations

The corporate world is not immune, either.

Despite the backlash of Bud Light’s partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, which cost the brewing company billions of dollars in lost market value, the beer manufacturer was the official sponsor of the Toronto Pride parade.

And this was not just any gay pride parade, but one with fully naked men swinging their dongs down the streets in front of children.

The Post Millennial captured a video of a group of naked men at this event playing and rinsing themselves off alongside a fountain surrounded by kids.

Retail giants like Target, Kohl’s, Pet Smart, and Cracker Barrel jumped on the bandwagon with their Pride Month merchandise.

It was learned that a Target executive even serves as the treasurer of an LGBTQ group, GLAAD, that received a massive $2.1M from the company. And the group’s purpose? To stealthily help school children become transgender without parental consent.

The persistent influence of the LGBT community in the political, corporate, and cultural realms is undeniable.

They are ceaselessly working towards a future where their influence permeates every facet of our existence – from the media we consume, our shopping habits, our conversations, to our parenting styles, professional choices, and most significantly…

…what principles and values our nation upholds and defends.

In 2021, Joe Biden authorized all U.S. Embassies to display the Rainbow Flag.

This isn’t simply a mere act of hanging a piece of cloth with kaleidoscope colors.

This is Biden signaling to the world that the LGBTQ+ movement has conquered America. Our stars and stripes are now just a sideshow to the Rainbow Flag.

This isn’t progress; it’s suicide.

Winning Politics of the LGBT: Cry Me a River

We’ve moved beyond the realm of rights or fair treatment.

We’re witnessing a cultural coup camouflaged as progress. The LGBTQ+ agenda is establishing its dominance, and we’re sliding into a future where they are not merely tolerated or celebrated but ruling over us.

Now, let me share with you an eye-opener.

Brown University, an Ivy League institution no less, has announced this month that almost 40% of its student body identifies as LGBTQ+.

Stop and ponder that fact for a moment.

Look at the broad spectrum of the American population. Even with the most generous estimates, the LGBT demographic barely reaches 7%, according to a 2022 Gallup poll.

So, can you really call this group a marginalized, discriminated minority when nearly half the students of just one university are self-identified as LGBT?

Wake up, America. This is no longer about progress. It’s about a new order taking shape, a world where the LGBTQ+ community isn’t just sitting at the table – they’re at the head of it.

We must face this reality, question it, and not shy away from discussing the implications. It’s time we paid attention.

And our first act of defiance, to stand our ground, is to stop listening to the LGBT when they whine, cry, and throw a tantrum fit about being an oppressed, downtrodden, marginalized minority.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They are a dominant, well-financed, powerful conglomerate of mafiosos who won’t be happy until they take your children away.

“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children,” gay revelers chanted (and threatened) during the N.Y. Pride Parade in June.

Believe them.

They should be given no more sympathy when they whine than was given to Kanye West, who refused to leave his hotel room in 2008 because he didn’t like the color of the carpet.

Let’s not be lulled into a false sense of compassion by their cries of oppression.

The reality is far from it. Just as Kanye West’s tantrum over a carpet color is far from genuine hardship, it’s time to distinguish the theatrics from the truth, the progress from the power grab.

We must take heed or risk waking up in a world far removed from the principles we hold dear.


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