Netflix Accused of Attacking Christians In Marvel Series, “The Punisher”

Readers of the classic version of the Punisher from Marvel comics may not recognize what Netflix and Hollywood has done to him as now he fights a villain made out to be a fundamentalist Christian conservative. (Marvel Comics promotional still)

The world of Marvel comics holds a lucrative portion of TV-franchise viewership, but they are preparing to throw it away for hate of Trump and conservatives.

And do so for an especially seething hatred of Christian conservatives.

According to Off The Wire Editor Nicole Taylor, who watches the Hollywood scene, the Netflix leftists are casting “The Punisher” off as if some reformed member of ANTIFA crusading against an alt.-right fundamentalist Christian enemy.

“The social justice left is on a mission to stamp out fun wherever they find it,” Taylor said. “They try to tamp down any voice that doesn’t adhere to their politically correct agenda.

“While Marvel’s films have mostly remained apolitical, their television shows increasingly fall in line with the left’s cultural revolution,” she added.

The problem focuses on the new season of shows for the Punisher, a character that is a sort of iconic figure among gun rights conservatives to begin with.

Josh Stewart plays the role of a man of the cloth, a hateful fundamentalist Christian conservative villain named John Pilgrim, in Netflix’ new rendition of the Marvel comics character, the Punisher. (Netflix video still)

“In season two of the show, Frank Castle, a-k-a the Punisher, arguably the most politically incorrect character in all of comics, will be facing off against the left’s favorite boogeyman,” Taylor said.

She follows that she noted as surmising the season’s lineup of main adversaries. The Netflix lefty warlords introduce a character named John Pilgrim, played by Josh Stewart.

Netflix sources describe Pilgrim as a villainous alt-right figure associated with white racist nationalism, extremist patriotism and conservatism.

Taylor is quick to interpret the meaning of that.

“The alt-right has become a catch-all for everything leftists don’t like, she said. “It doesn’t matter if it only describes a minuscule portion of the population, the left pretends as if they’re under every single rock.”

the left has contempt for christians unless they agree with their progressive policies

Taylor presents further insight from actor Josh Stewart, who in numerous Hollywood reports describes work with the show.

Stewart notes the character he portrays as first-of-all a “Christian Fundamentalist” on the outside who has rage or hate on the inside.

“So the show’s villain is an amalgam of the two things leftists can’t stand most: people with right-of-center views, and Christians,” Taylor said.

“It sounds like these two characteristics will be heightened to some cartoonish level,” she added. “The left has contempt for Christians unless they agree with their progressive policies.”

According to Taylor, the signs are there that a new left-wing favorite straw man is in the works that will provide fodder for political sermonizing destined to turn the stomachs of all conservatives who watch.

“If John Pilgrim begins singing the praises of tax cuts and deregulation, it’s probably best to turn off the television,” Taylor concluded.


  1. A lot of these NetFlix shows have smeared Christians. I just stopped watching them and don’t continue when they get to an outrageous level. That is Season 2 Ep. 3. The first season was not like that & I liked the main character. Just like MSM Hollywood always painting Christians opposite of what they believe.


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